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Microfiber Cloths
The Cloth for today's Generation

Microfiber has been introduced into the USA for the benefit of being able to clean without the harmful use of chemicals to pick up bacteria.

Our microfiber cloths are eco-friendly to the environment and can clean without chemicals

Microfiber Cloth Our microfiber cloths are so popular for auto detailing, beauty salons, facial treatments, hospitals, optical cleaning, janitorial cleaning and so much more.

Microfiber ClothJust because the package says microfiber, doesn't mean you are getting the best microfiber out there. Our microfiber cloths are made for premium performance, scratch free and antibacterial treated.

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As we all know hazardous chemicals are not healthy for you or those around you to breath. By cleaning with the microfiber technology, you can eliminate harmful risks of breathing in chemicals while cleaning. They are available in several colors to help coordinate for different types of cleaning. Most popular sizes for general cleaning are the 16" x 16" towels or 12" x 12" cloths. The larger size towels can be used for drying cars, your body, long hair and pets. The facial cloths are perfect for exfoliating the face or taking off makeup. The polishing cloths are available is all sizes for polishing cars, jewelry or any delicate surface.

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