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How To Care For Your Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber should be cared for in order for it to keep it's qualities it was designed for. Do not drop your microfiber on a dirty floor as it will pick up particles and get imbedded into the cloth. Wash your microfiber cloths separate from your cotton cloths as the lint off the cotton will also get into and stick to the microfibers. When drying your microfiber cloths, keep the temperature as low as possible as to not burn or melt the fibers of your cloths as this will prevent the microfiber from giving you full performance

About Us

Rosco Rags started out in the cotton textile business with a 20 year background in the rag business. Microfiber is a new type of cloth that has only been in the USA for about 10 years. Not everyone knows or has even heard of microfiber yet. As soon as the owners put their hands on the microfiber and did some testing, they were all hooked.

From there they did extensive research from overseas factories ordering samples upon samples. It all took off from there. RoscoRags.com decided to put their own spin on the microfibers they wanted to import into the USA. Their customers feedback was overwhelming with so much positive response that the owners knew they were on to something.

Rosco Rags has now become the largest premium microfiber supplier in the USA by offering more types of premium microfiber than any other supplier. Our company name is Rosco Rags as our main website was for both microfiber and cotton. Since then we have spun off and now have a separate cotton site at https://www.ragsco.com. Rosco Rags is now concentrating on building the microfiber site for easier shopping experiences to the consumer.

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