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Rosco Rags is a manufacturer, supplier and wholesale distributor of quality microfiber products. If you have an idea to design and market a product using micro-fibers, we can help guide you in finding the right cloth that will best suit your needs which will save you time and money. Our knowledge in this area supersedes all others.

Quality Micro-fibers made using the split microfiber technology

Microfiber Suppliers As a microfiber supplier, we felt it very important to be able to supply only the best split microfiber products to our USA customers. Our extensive research and testing of the micro-fibers we import have thoroughly been tested to bring you the highest quality results. Search no more for premium cleaning cloths.Quality Microfiber Products

Premium MicrofiberROSCO Micro-fibers are custom designed for use on high end cars, glass, windows, body, face, jewelry, camera lenses, eye glasses and pets. Our micro-fibers will polish, remove residue and dirt, kill bacteria, dry your body or pet and exfoliate your face. Premium Quality Microfiber

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Nanofiber Cloth stronger than Micro-fiber

There is another fiber that is much smaller called Nanofiber. This is another new technology that is still being developed that will have even stronger results than micro-fiber. Nanofibers are currently being tested by some of the largest companies in the world. You would be amazed how the nanofibers will change things here in the USA. Can you imagine being able to charge your IPhone with a nanofiber t-shirt? Believe us, when we say this is the future in premium technology. Check back with us to stay updated on the benefits and future of nanofiber.

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